1932: Soren Axelsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1952: Soren traveled to New York as part of the Marshall Aid Plan. This trip was for an internship facilitated by the American Scandinavian Foundation and allowed him to work in the Isbrandsten Steamship Company, after which he was sent to Chile for two years to supervise iron ore exports.

1955: Soren moved back to Denmark, after three years abroad. He married Ingrid, who was Miss Denmark in 1953.

1956: Soren Axelsen had to travel to New York for the second time, looking to be part of the operations for the importation of Tuborg beer into the United States. This trip was his first significant involvement in the liquor industry.

1972: Soren Axelsen started growing vineyards in Monterey, California. The wine was sold to the American market and exported to European buyers as well.

1980: Axelsen founded the Cabernet Corporation. This new investment was to function as a marketing arm for California wines in bulk, exporting high-end wines to company clients.

1986: Axel’s Cabernet Corporation had to look for alternative sources of wine due to increased production costs in the 80s. The increase in expenses resulted in higher market prices that the European markets were unwilling to pay.

1988: Soren saw a distinct similarity in Chilean and American geography and weather, and started vineyards in Chile after seeing the opportunity to invest in the country with Augusto Pinochet out of office as well, with the nation promising to be an excellent place to set up a firm. Soren sold his first high-quality Chilean Cabernet to Danish buyers. There was a distinct concern from his clients concerning the rising prices of Cal.

1990: Eric and Peter Axelsen joined the Axel brand as co-CEOs. In establishing a family legacy in the global business arena, this was a critical step that saw the brand grow in popularity for its high-end wines.

2010: The thirtieth anniversary of working together as a family is celebrated, bringing the cohesiveness of family to a functional global brand. Three decades of assured quality at friendly prices is a testament to the credibility of the Axel brand.

Present: Our wines are gracefully aged in American and French Oak barrels, each for eight months. Our brand is borne of our early expeditions, and our wines are fit to be enjoyed as a memento.